Maple House Capital

Our Proposition

Maple House Capital is focused on acquiring a majority stake in a private company. Our goal is to generate long-term value while preserving the legacy, culture and, most importantly, the people that drove the company’s success.

How do we have a unique approach? 

We combine an agile execution to close a transaction, offer flexibility in the capital structure and patient value creation capital to bring your company to the next growth stage while preserving your legacy and employees.

We are proudly different in key areas from Private Equity and Strategic Acquisition.

Dedicated Entrepreneur

Our entrepreneur will be fully dedicated to leading the company through the next phase of growth while preserving your legacy. We will collaborate with you to shape a clear vision for the company’s future and are committed to tirelessly working towards the realisation of this vision.

Long Term Vision

We are a patient investor that is determined to continue building the foundations of the company’s long-term success. We are deliberately focused on the value creation of one single business and intend to be fully dedicated to this endeavour through the investment lifecycle, with the backing of our team of world-class investors and operators.


We firmly believe that exceptional companies transcend their founders. Our unwavering focus lies in preserving and elevating the enduring legacy of your company through a steadfast commitment to long-term and sustainable growth. With utmost confidence, we navigate the path to success, ensuring that your business thrives well into the future, leaving an indelible mark in its industry and beyond.

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